My interest in modeling photography began in my late teens. Although I wasn't able to afford the necessary gear and film processing at the time (late 1990's), I never quit the dream. I always knew I had an eye for taking stunning photos.

By the early/mid 2000's I honed my image editing skills practicing on celebrity photos. In those days I invested my time in gaining knowledge about Photoshop through online tutorials and creating desktop wallpaper.

As digital technology advanced to the point where high resolution DSLR's were affordable, I finally acquired one. I purchased a six year old Sigma SD-14 camera around the Autumn of 2012 and started out with photographing casual attire. By about 2016, I had progressed toward establishing a more colorful/fun style of which I continue to build upon going forward.

Many thanks go out to all of those I've collaborated with in the past. To every model, retoucher and digital artist who's helped make this all possible, you are the greatest. Yes, it's been a rough road at times, but the final results have made it well worth the trip. There were many times when I wanted to give up, but something inside me won't allow this to happen. With that being said... Keep fighting for the sake of your own creative light to remain shining.

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