My interest in modeling photography began in the late teens. Although I wasn't able to afford necessary gear and film processing at the time (late 1990's), I never quit the dream. I always knew I had an eye for taking aesthetically pleasing images.

By the early/mid 2000's I honed my image editing skills practicing on celebrity photos. In those days I invested my time in gaining knowledge about Photoshop via online tutorial guides and creating desktop wallpaper.

As digital technology advanced to the point where high resolution DSLR's were affordable, I finally acquired one. I purchased a six year old Sigma SD-14 camera around the Autumn of 2012 and started out with photographing casual attire. By about 2016, I had progressed toward establishing a more colorful/fun style of which I continue to build upon going forward.

There were many times when I wanted to give up, but something inside me won't allow this to happen. Even though this road can be rough at time, the results make it well worth the trip.

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